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Embrace Coaching is here to help you grow yourself as a leader, in your life or in your wellbeing and health. 


Embrace Coaching is about working together to identify your strengths and to embrace these strengths. We will together identify your goals, work together on strategies and different approaches, to achieve your professional and personal goals. 

Embrace Coaching is here to help you grow yourself as a leader, in your life or in your wellbeing and health. 

Embrace Coaching will help you achieve your goals whether that may be to develop your leadership style and skills, further your career, or achieve balance in your life and health. I will partner with you to achieve your personal and professional goals.





Donna Plavljanic is a qualified NLP Practitioner and accredited coach. A passionate leader and coach with the objective of working with people to achieve and create outcomes. 

For over 20 years, Donna has led teams with experience in large corporate organisations, membership associations and not for profit organisations. Donna understands the need to adapt and be agile, to work through the challenges for leaders, with the objective for growth as individuals and leaders.

Her experience across various executive leadership positions in multiple sectors brings a pragmatic approach to her work, utilising her extensive knowledge in leadership development, strategy, project management, communication, facilitation, stakeholder management and relationship and partnership development.

Donna is a mother of two, who currently balances a busy working life - leading a household, managing finances, parenting children and maintaining healthy relationships.  In a world where change is a constant, Donna has worked through many adversities and challenges in life to grow as a person, mother and leader. She has achieved many successful leadership and life outcomes, to become a successful and personable leadership, life and health coach.

Having been diagnosed with an auto immune disease three years ago,  Donna has spent the last few years balancing her busy lifestyle with the added challenge of adjusting her lifestyle, food, exercise and total wellbeing to achieve strengthened health, and balance in her life. Through this adverse and life changing experience, Donna embraced the change and developed additional expertise by studying in  nutrition, and wellness coaching. 

Donna is passionate about working with people to achieve their wholistic professional and personal goals, utilising an NLP approach to her coaching. Her approach to coaching is unique, fun, professional, relaxed and goal orientated, and delivers outcomes. 



Coaching and Consultancy

My goal is to increase your leadership impact and presence so that as a leader you are engaged, connected and performing to embrace your best leadership capability.


My life coaching sessions will help you discover and grow your clarity and confidence, and eliminate barriers to pursue and embrace a life you love.


Together we will identify your habits that are alleviating you from achieving your health, weight and wellness goals. My coaching will help you alter your habits to change and embrace a healthier and balanced you. 



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